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Lord of the flies is a thought-provoking novel authored by William Golding in 1954. The book describes in detail the horrific exploits of a band of young children who make a striking transition from civilized to barbaric. The Lord of the Flies commands a pessimistic outlook that seems to show that man is inherently tied to society, and without it, we would likely return to savagery.

This web site contains descriptions of the main characters, summaries, and themes and symbolism in Lord of the Flies, as well as a 3-dimensional rendering of the island. Additionally, Vocabulary words with definitions have been added to the site. If you can't find everything you need here, links are also provided for further reading. Use the buttons on the left, or the text links below to further explore the site. Please be sure to look at everything on the site, and explore the various sections. If you are unclear on something discussed in one section, a brief read through other areas may clear up any confusion. If you still need an answer, check out the links section for a variety of great pages and resources to help you!

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