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Island Map



An Overhead View of the Island:

This rendering of the Island from Lord of the Flies is an "artist interpretation" of the actual island. Click on the image to get a larger view complete with labels of important locations.

The island in Lord of the Flies is never actually pointed out in the real world. The tropical location has a beach, as seen above, where Ralph and Piggy emerge from the scar to find the conch. Further inland is the dense jungle, towards the center of which is Simon's mat of creepers. This is also where pigs are hunted and the Lord of the Flies is eventually found.

The mountain located at the very left of this rendering is where the boys climb to the summit in order to take in their surroundings. It is also the location of the fire and the dead parachutist. Castle Rock, the other high rising formation found on the opposite end of the island, rises high above the sea. The area is turned into a fortress for Jack and his tribe, and is the location of Piggy's death.

The island is described as being in the shape of a boat, which is approximated in the above picture. The boat imagery and the island itself are both symbols, as found on the analysis page. The island is a microcosm for the real world, along with all the problems and realities faced in the world. Again, a better view of the island is available at a larger scale and including text labels.

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