Roles and Responsibilities of Successful Teams

Teamwork Roles

1. Facilitator
2. Big poster recorder
3. Secretary Recorder
4. Timekeeper

5. Idea Person- intra-group communicator
6. Idea Person- inter-group communicator
7. Motivator
8. Go-fer (go-for, gopher, fetcher)

1. Facilitator

Gets ideas out of people
-orchestrates group dynamics
-uses EMPOWERMENT: with empowerment team members want to:
-addresses issues helpfully and immediately
-is open to suggestions
-develops trust
-checks work, lets you know if something is done right or not
-thinks about all perspectives

-sets and sticks to standards
-establishes trust
-is trustworthy and fair
-keeps people listening
-maintains balance
-follows through
-encourages members
-makes listening a benefit
-encourages self discipline
-shares the power
-trusts the delegates
-makes jobs fun and creative
-practices what s/he preaches

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2. Big Paper/Poster Recorder

-writes down what people say
-is inclusive/non-judgemental
-open to suggestions
-writes as if every idea is worthy
-rewords or expands ideas when necessary
-recaps, checks in with group
-checks in VERBALLY with group
-has neat handwriting so that everyone can read it
-is a good speller
-writes in a position so everyone can see
-puts the poster in a position so everyone can see
-uses BIG writing
-has extra supply of poster paper and colorful pens, so recording is never stopped

-writes quickly
-gets everything that the group says
-is a great listener
-uses color, space symbols etc. to show categories
-is artistic- uses symbols and pictures to draw points or add meaning
-uses understandable shorthand, can summarize
-uses dark and bright colors
-highlights IMPORTANT points with color
-communicates well with secretary and facilitator
-is patient
-can write for a long time
-practices good handwriting
-designates an interpreter

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3. Secretary Recorder

-Writes what the big poster person writes on regular paper
-is a quick and neat writer
-is responsible and keeps the records and always has them on call
-interprets information well
-writes ideas clearly
-communicates with big poster person (is in synch with him/her)
-records, copies and disperses brainstorm information

-creates master record book
-takes attendance
-takes minutes of meetings
-stays organized
-keeps agendas
-is prepared and flexible
-has proper writing materials- pens, notebook
-is attentive

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4. Timekeeper

-needs to know what time to start
-needs to know what time to finish
-needs to keep time on calendar too- make sure stuff gets done by deadlines
-keeps group aware of deadlines
-helps the facilitator plan agendas to keeps group on time for projects
-has a watch (nice if if has an alarm or stopwatch)
-sits in a position where s/he can see the clock
-needs to be in tune with the facilitator
-needs to be a great communicator with facilitator
-needs to be in synch with the facilitator about the schedule
-keeps a time log of events

-divides time of responsibilities well
-makes sure appropriate amounts of time are allotted to each piece of the agenda
-has times set and posted for each step of the agenda
-can multi-task- and still keep awareness of time
-is strict with the time
-gives time updates
-keeps people on task so that time is not wasted
-is firm with time cutoffs, but is also reasonable and fair
-is organized
-communicates with recorders for time- gives them times to post on logs
-helps secretary with time on the minutes

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5. Idea Person- intra-group communicator

-great brainstormer
-encourages other people with their ideas
-creative and imaginative
-communicates well
-positive (Positive Mental Attitude)
-encourages self
-encourages EVERY idea
-can keep mentally focused
-can explain ideas well
-good listening skills
-bounces off other people's ideas
-must be outgoing with ideas
-researcher, resourceful for ideas

-confident, and not intimidating to others
-keeps communication with recorder and facilitator
-inclusive of other ideas
-includes ALL of his/her own ideas, even if they seem silly
-builds on other's ideas, can blend other's ideas
-focused listener
-sees the big picture
-thinks as a problem solver
-thinks of future
-intra-group communicator-takes responsibility for most communication within group

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6. Idea Person- inter-group communicator

-communicates between groups
-organize exchanges of people/talents/information between groups
-good speaker
-active listener
-clear on all group ideas
-conveys ideas well
-encourages pursuit of ideas

-builds ideas to the max
-comes up with ideas
-monitors own group
-aware of surroundings
-keeps eye contact with other intergroup communicators
-follows all 4 levels of needs: economic, social, psychological, and spirit